Krush’n Krew

Krush’n Krew are mobile crushing experts, specialising in the recycling of Construction, Demolition and Excavated (CD&E) waste

Our Mission

More now than ever, we believe it is our duty to be advocates of change and doing our part in righting the wrongs of yesterday both internally and externally, we accomplish this by:
  • Empowering our people, businesses and communities to empower the environment
  • Promoting sustainable building and recycling practices through innovative thinking and technological advancements for a greener South Africa for all





We at Krush'n Krew believe in creating sustainable practices in the construction, mining and rehabilitation industries.


Our Process

We are an on-site turnkey rehabilitation solution, from demolition to recycling we strive for a zero to landfill outcome. We recycle construction, demolition, and excavated (CD&E) into usable materials instantly. (Tested & Certified)
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We can confirm that the demolition and the crushing of the rubble was done on site by your fantastic piece of crushing equipment. We can confirm that this was the best decision we could have made. The crushing of the rubble enabled us to have enough fill material which after the test was determined was the quality of G5 Fill and our engineers were extremely happy with the result and are very happy for us to use this material for the earthworks.

Renuca Popatlal

We would like to thank you for the excellent work your efficient company has done. The decision we took to work in collaboration with Krush’n Krew on the demolition project of our clients’ unused Hostel dwellings was ingenious.

Our collaboration has created a work-environment where our client seeks future collaboration of this nature with us on future rehabilitation projects. Calibre Engineering will recommend Krush’n Krew with pleasure to any company in both the Mining rehabilitation & construction sector and we are definitely looking forward to our next project together.

T.M. Magadla

Our site was located in The Hills Estate in Pretoria East. We had a large amount of excavated waste derived through our construction process. Krush’n Krew assisted us by crushing and repurposing our waste which we then reintroduced into our building foundations as back fill as well as a stabilizing layer for the roads. Our waste was in excess of 5000 tons all of which was used and not discarded. This exercise greatly reduced our waste to landfill and a substantial cost saving. Not only did this save us money but we were also able to reduce our carbon footprint which is of great importance to CDT Homes.

Neels Bornman